Casemod Builds a PC Into a Desk, Looks Awesome

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[Photo: "L3p" on Tech Powerup Forums]
Laptops can be better than desktops for various reasons--one of them is the lack of cables. How is it that, even if you carefully make sure no wires overlap, you always end up with a tangle of cables with a desktop? Dutch electrician "L3p" also found the messiness of his setup annoying, so created the L3p D3sk, a casemod which hides away cables and uneeded computer parts into a sleek, thin desk, attached to the wall.


The aluminimum and glass desk has no legs, and means the only parts of the PC visible are the important bits: Monitors, the keyboard and mouse, and the power switch (a special power button was added into the desk).

The glass worktop lifts up--exposing all the computer parts--for those times you need to upgrade your machine. To make the mod even cooler, L3p added a fluorescent liquid effect to glide around the hardware, making a cool light display at night.

The computer itself is made up from L3p's previous home-built PC, taken apart and reasembled with a few added parts like an Aquacomputer (water cooling system) and the necessary pumps. The mod took around five months for L3p to complete, with the help of his various sponsors.

[Photo: "L3p" on Tech Powerup Forums]

If you think his mod is pretty cool, check out Tech Powerup Forum to see more photos of the project (including photos of it being built), as well as videos and orginal sketches of the desk. The liquid effect id particularly cool, and would be so awesome to show off to friends at night. Who'd have though a computer case could be cool made horizontally rather than the typical vertical shape?

[Tech Powerup Forums]

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