Official Steve Jobs Bio Dropping Early 2012

The first official biography of Steve Jobs will be released in early 2012, according to the Associated Press .

The book, which will be written by esteemed biographer Walter Isaacson and entitled "iSteve: The Book of Jobs," is the first authorized Steve Jobs biography. This isn't the first we've heard of this collaboration--The New York Times announced that the book had entered its early planning stages in March 2010 -- but it's the first we've heard of a (tentative) release date.

That Jobs is cooperating with a biographer and putting his stamp of approval on the book is a pretty big deal--other, unauthorized biographies of the Apple wizard have been previously written and met with...less than stellar reviews.

Take Jeffrey Young and William Simon's 2005 biography of Jobs, "iCon: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business," published by Wiley & Sons, for example. Not only did Jobs not agree to the biography, but (I assume) he directed Apple to pull all of the publisher's material -- including Mac-related technical books and the popular "For Dummies" books -- from Apple retail store shelves.

Young told MacCentral at the time that "Apple didn't have any factual issues, but they just didn't want the book to be published, apparently."

The plot thickens--what will be in this new, authorized biography? What secrets of Apple genius will Isaacson shed light on?

Publisher Simon & Schuster is as quiet as an Apple store employee. According to Simon & Schuster spokeswoman Tracey Guest, no further details are currently available, and neither Jobs nor Isaacson will be commenting on the book.

It's almost as mysterious as an Apple product announcement!

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