Best Buy May Boost iPads This Weekend

Looks like those rumors that Best Buy has been hoarding iPad 2s for an upcoming promotion may turn out to be true. Engadget received what it thinks may be an internal Best Buy document from an anonymous tipster that says the iPad 2 will be the front-and-center of Sunday's ad.

Best Buy's iPad blowout (click to enlarge)
The document says each store will have an underwhelming "minimum of three units for each iPad 2 model," for the week-long promotion. According to the doc, in-store inventory will be used to fulfill existing customer reservations first.

The brick-and-mortar chain is hoping to "minimize customer disappoints" by instructing its employees to keep track of preorders, not hold units for customers for more than 48 hours and not send customers "to other stores that show they may have inventory available."

If this promotion turns out to be real, it could be an easy and quick way for many folks to grab the tablet. Apple's online store shows each model of the device will ship in two to three weeks; it ships in three to four via Verizon Wireless; and is available in-store only at Best Buy.

If you're still in the market for Apple's latest tablet, it wouldn't hurt to give your local Best Buy store a ring tomorrow, or -- better yet -- make an early-morning trip just in case this promotion is the real deal.

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