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This is what happens when you run out of news: You throw up a game trailer. In this case, a game trailer for another generic-looking future sci-fi shooter. Oh wait, I meant id Software’s RAGE.

Everyone knows id Software for making dazzling game engines (Doom, Quake, more Doom, more Quake) that pretty much everyone else in the biz appropriates. They’re also known for making clichéd monster-in-a-closet shooters. Can they break from template with RAGE?

I don't know, it looks a little Borderlands meets Fallout 3 with a side of Motorstorm to me.

I like the part where the guy playing consciously pushes the desiccated brush aside, as if to say "See Crysis, we can do it too!" There's the part where he drops a gun turret and creatures moronically clamber over piles of junk into its field of fire. And there's the part where the protagonist circle-strafes a mini-boss, at one point playing dodge-the-tentacle (at least the tentacle's plausibly tentacle-like).

There's the I-am-an-arsenal-of-one demo, where the demonstrator cycles through all the weapons our hero can ridiculously carry at once. There's the rhapsody-on-a-sawblade theme by Redneck Rampage and Dead Space (is it simply more satisfying killing evil by gratuitously severing its limbs?). There's the Resistance 2 moment, as something huge and fleshy lumbers past you in the distance. And there's the part where the demonstrator stops to rubberneck, sweeping the skyline slowly, as if we'd never seen derelict, smoking skyscrapers in a game before.

But okay, it's just a gameplay demo. Shooter wonks can ogle the weapons and tactics. Graphics wonks can ogle the vertex counts and bump maps. And guys like me can poke fun at the clichés! Not that clichés have to be bad. Sometimes football's just football, right?

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