Need a Pithy Status Update? Let Generatus Generate One for You

Secret shame: I'm jealous of those people who are always coming up with witty, clever updates for their Facebook and Twitter pages. Well, my droll nemeses, I've got a secret weapon to compete with your pithiness: Generatus, the site for "the imaginatively challenged."

Generatus is a social-networking status generator, a tool that spits out Twitter-length status updates--quotes, sayings, insults, etc.--that you can copy and paste into the network of your choice.

All you do is type in your name, choose your gender, and then click Generate. That'll give you a random update; if you want something more specific, click Tag Cloud and choose from the few dozen filtering options: age, bushisms, movies, wordplay, and so on.

Okay, so there's not a lot of practical value here, but Generatus is definitely fun to play around with--and maybe even kinda useful if you're looking for a status update that's fun or different.

Until next time, "Rick is travelling at the lead of spite." (Gotta love those spoonerisms!)

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