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Make a Bang With Splode on Android

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The premise of Splode is simple: You have a screen filled with round fuzzy creatures (called Splodes) that you tap to--you guessed it--make them explode. Detonating one of these colorful little fur balls near another one produces a chain reaction, and these chain reactions are a key element of the game. You'll spend most of your time trying to create the biggest explosion possible.

Splode offers two game modes: Challenge Mode and Score Attack. In Challenge Mode, you must detonate a specific number of Splodes in each level. For example, you must try to blow up three of the five Splodes on the screen (with a single touch). If you succeed, you advance to the next level, where you must pop four out of seven, and so on. After a while, though, it gets a bit boring just tapping once, waiting for a long chain reaction, and then, repeating the process either on the same level or on the next one. The only things differentiating the levels are the total number of Splodes in each and the quantity of them that you need to explode.

In Score Attack mode, you have "checkpoints" that you must achieve within five taps. For example, the first checkpoint you must reach is 50, and there are four Splodes on your screen. You tap once to pop as many as you can, and then the screen repopulates with more Splodes. If you fail to reach 50 within five taps, the game is over. If you make it, your taps are restored, and your next checkpoint is set at 100. If you pop 75 percent of the Splodes on the screen, you get an extra tap. If you blow up 100 percent, you get ten extra points.

As I mentioned before, though the game is addictive, it does get a bit repetitive. The two game modes help alleviate that problem, but they don't obliterate it. As a result, I suspect that this game's replay value may not be terribly high. Still, at only $0.99, you'll get your money's worth.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Splode

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