Sony Saying Sayonara to PSP Go? Not Yet

Overpriced and aimed at the wrong audience, Sony’s PSP Go was never meant to be, but is Sony already halting production of the disc-free ultraportable? If you believe the latest whispers, the Go may be rolling through its final days as a viable much-of-anything.

On Tuesday, Japan news-watcher Andriasang said it noticed a blog by a possible Japan-based Sony Shop employee claiming that Sony told his store manager it was halting production of the Go. Ruh-roh! Andriasang adds that rumors of the Go’s demise began when a link to the system disappeared from the official Sony Store games page.

Andriasang’s been a reliable source in the past, but as of this morning, the Go remains available at its official page on the website, where it lists for $199.99. Click the "Buy Now" link and you're put through to half a dozen first and third-party resellers, all of whom claim to have the system for sale. If you click the first-party “Sony Style” link (to the Sony Store page) you’ll land here, where the Go lists “in stock” and shipping within a day of ordering.

Rumor squashed? Looks like it.

Sony’s PSP successor, dubbed NGP or Next Generation Portable, should arrive stateside by the end of this year--assuming the catastrophe in Japan doesn’t slow things up. While you might assume that entails the Go's demise, it's still unclear what Sony plans to do (or when it plans to do away) with its current handheld hardware lineup.

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