Welcome to the Peep-a-Palooza!

Mad geniuses across the nation immortalize games, movies, tech product announcements, and iconic sci-fi moments in dioramas built using our favorite Easter candy: Marshmallow Peeps. Take a look at some of the best.

The Best of Peep Dioramas Honoring Geeks and Tech

This is the time of the year when contests--often run by newspaper Websites--challenge people across the nation to create dioramas that make extensive use of a familiar Easter candy: Marshmallow Peeps.

Participants spend hours painting, decorating, arranging, and gluing squishy Marshmallow Peeps chicks and bunnies onto elaborate stages based on current events, movies, games, and popular culture. Our Peep-a-Palooza collection highlights the best tech- and geek-themed productions referencing Star Wars, Star Trek, TRON Legacy, Angry Birds, Mario Brothers, Nintendo Wii games, and more. Remember, these tableaux are built, not Photoshopped.

Peeps and Buns also are popular with obsessed individuals who don't enter contests; we've included a few of their efforts as well. Enjoy!

Note: The diorama image in this slide won second place in the 2011 Denver Post Peeps contest.

The Introduction of the iPeep 2

Leslie McGee, John McGee, and Francie Herriage-Wilson flew their Apple flag high by re-creating the introduction of the Apple iPad 2. Note that the character on the stage is wearing a black turtleneck, glasses, and jeans. This was an entry in the 2011 Fort Worth Star-Telegram diorama contest.

Image: Courtesy of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Angry Peeps

You know the game, you love the game, you play the game--and Kathy Frantz and Rick Schoenhals immortalized those Angry Birds in Peeps, coming up with a second-place win in the 2011 Denver Post Peeps diorama contest.

Image: Courtesy of the Denver Post

Nintendo Wii Peep Tennis

Craig Dykstra simulated the split-screen effect of Nintendo Wii tennis with this diorama, titled "Nintendo Piip: Doubles Tennis." Both sides are built into a single diorama, with a thin black pole creating the illusion of two separate scenes. It was an entry in the Washington Post contest.

Image: Courtesy of The Washington Post


Inspired by the movie Inception, Leonard Bailey and Gabriel Winston-Bailey entered this diorama in the Washington Post contest.

Image: Courtesy of The Washington Post

Super Peepio Brothers

This creation by Mark Rivetti took about 45 hours to make. He calls it "Super Peepio Brothers." All of the characters, including Mario, Luigi, Lakitu, Bowser, Koopa Troopas, Goombas, and Piranha Plants were made from either chick or bunny Peeps. The Washington Post judges also admired the Peep shapes in mountains, platforms, and clouds.

Image: Courtesy of The Washington Post

The Peep TARDIS From Dr. Who

Dr. Who-Peep can zip around the universe in this Peep TARDIS made by user ktrodmac for the St. Paul Pioneer Press diorama contest.

Image: Courtesy of The St. Paul Pioneer Press

May the Peeps Be With You

Can you find Chewbacca in this Star Wars homage?

Image: Via

Peep-Rassic Park

The dinosaurs here are almost as fierce as in the movie Jurassic Park--and the buns are as terrified as the movie characters!

Image: Via

The Fall of PeepTRON

User Jeff entered this homage to the movie TRON Legacy in the Denver Post diorama contest this year.

Image: Courtesy of The Denver Post

Star Trek: The Trouble With Peepbles

In another Peeps homage to sci-fi, this effort honors the famous "Trouble with Tribbles" episode of the original Star Trek TV show.

Image: Via


In our world, we're addicted to Twitter. In Peep-Land, it appears to be Tweeper, complete with a Peeps mouse for the laptop. This creation was a winner of the 2010 Blogspot Peeps Diorama contest.

Image: Courtesy of

Up Peeps

We loved the Pixar movie Up, and so did diorama makers Michael Chirlin and Veronica Ettle, who immortalized the film's balloons in marshmallow Bunnies. They called their winning entry in the 2010 Washington Post contest "Eep."

Image: Courtesy of The Washington Post

Zombie Peeps

Marc and Mary Shaw stalked the Washington Post Peeps contest with their "The Peeping Dead: Attack of the Zombies" entry.

Image: Courtesy of The Washington Post

Peeps Rally to Save T-Mobile

T-Mobile fan Imaaronson, disturbed by the mobile carrier's decision to merge with AT&T, built this rally diorama with a political message. It's called "Peeps Save T-Mobile from the ATT Empire."

Image: Courtesy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press

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