Spider Robot Is Both Cool and Creepy

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[Photo: Rakuten]
Animal-shaped robots are pretty fun, right? Whether it's a toy bot like Pleo the Dinosaur or the more advanced Necoro the feline robot, animal robots are be really entertaining to make, watch, and interact with. So a Japanese spider robot can be just a cute and clever, right?

That depends on how easily you get freaked out by arachnids.

Hexapod, also known as KMR-M6, is definitely not cute (unless you are a big fan of spiders), but it's fairly smart. Not only does it make scary spider sounds, but it can carry heavy objects on its six spindly legs, which can also move independently of each other. The speed in which the aluminum spider bot walks can be varied, and it weighs 1.07kg (or about 2.35 pounds for those of us in the US). The whole thing runs of a battery too.

Here is Hexapod lifting a dictionary weighing roughly seven pounds--just over three times its own weight--with ease:

Check out the video of it showing off all its features below:

Personally, this is a little too scary-looking for me--did you see it scurrying over that bridge and then just stopping to lift some of its legs? I certainly would not want to meet it in the dark.

If you think this guy is cool, he can be yours at around $880 (US) in Japan next month. Alternatively, you can make a cheaper spider robot from a Lego Mindstorms kit, or a slightly friendlier-looking bug bot.

[Kondo Robot via CrunchGear]

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