First Mass Effect 3 Screenshots Released

Happy second day of the work week, and to celebrate let's have a look at the first two official Mass Effect 3 screenshots.

Which, I realize, look a lot like random screens from Mass Effect 2. You expected Mass Effect 3 to visually what--"level up"? Wasn't the second game pretty enough?

In the shot up top, we have Commander Shepard blasting a better armored super-soldier while taking no doubt deadly in real-life (but only glancing in this sort of game) damage from a flanking second. I'm seeing other better-informed Mass Effect wonks suggesting that to say more about these two would spoil the tale. Rest assured, I'm no Mass Effect wonk, so all I see is one guy without a helmet about to have his vulnerable noggin split open by two guys with superior combined firepower.

And here we have a glamour shot of three Warhammer 40k Space Mar--I mean "stormtroopers" with red eye slits obviously slanted to make them look sinister while bearing who-knows-what practical purpose (also, some lovely solar flaring). Who said form need serve function, right?

Looks for Mass Effect 3 sometime this holiday for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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