Be Very Afraid: Laser Cat Is Here

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[Photo: nevets_mcd on Instructables]
Just like you, I too have dreamed of having my very own Laser Cat. After all, what's more awesome than a robotic cat that shoots lasers from its eyes? Unfortunately, my roommates would think something was wrong with me if I built such a thing. But you can make your very Laser Cat to satisfy your laser-cat needs!

Using a FurReal Friends Lulu's Walkin' Kitty, laser diodes (from a flashlight), multi-strand wire, super glue gel, heat-shrink tubing, and black acrylic paint, Instructables user nevets_mcd built their very own robotic Laser Cat. To do this nevets_mcd took an existing FurReal robot kitty and simply added lasers to it (who ever thought that something from Hasbro could seem so scary?).

Oh, and before you make your own Laser Cat, read the disclaimer: Nevets_mcd says that this should not actually be attempted by anyone, so consider yourself warned.

To start, nevets_mcd skins the robot cat to gain access to the screws (if it had consciousness I think Laser Cat would seek some serious revenge for this step). Next nevets_mcd removed the laser diodes from an LED laser flashlight. After skinning and decapitating the robot cat the creator embedded the lasers behind the cats eye sockets so that the beam passes through the eyeballs. After tinkering with the batters and speakers nevets_mcd put the cat back together. To get the full details and to make your own check out the instructions here.

Kabam! You now have your very own Laser Cat and your neighbors will be fearful. Every time the cat makes a sound the lasers fire! I swear, the robot apocalypse grows closer everyday and the fact that it'll include kittens just makes it that much more scary.


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