Where to Find the 'Previous Pages' List in Firefox 4

I continue to receive a lot of reader questions about Firefox 4. Today I heard from Philip, who asked this: "I was just noticing that you can only go back or forth in the paging controller (top left). You used to be able to click on a down arrow and see a list of previous pages. Is there a way to get that back?"

Philip's is referring to Firefox's Back button, the one you click to go back to the previous page. In earlier versions of Firefox, there was a small arrow attached to that button; clicking it revealed a list of the sites or pages you'd visited during that session, in that tab. It was a handy little tool--and it's gone in Firefox 4.

Or is it? The arrow may be gone, but the functionality is still there: just right-click the Back button to see that list of previously viewed pages. From there you can left-click any of those pages to jump right to it, just like in the old days.

While we're on the subject, check out my posts on why your Firefox 4 status bar keeps switching sides, how to put the Reload button back where it belongs, and how to get disabled add-ons working again. In the meantime, keep those Firefox questions coming. I'll answer them as best I can.

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