Unboxing the LG Optimus Black

When I got the Optimus Black in the mail today from Korea, I thought LG had gotten mixed up and sent me a laptop instead. The box was bigger and weighed more than any phone package I've seen before. After some digging and opening more boxes (it felt a bit like opening up a Russian doll), I finally found the Optimus Black hidden inside a hardbound book.

Confusing? Yes. Cool? Definitely. Check out the unboxing video below:

Video: Unboxing the LG Optimus Black

The packaging in the video above is actually a special reviewer's set, as we found out later. So, sorry consumers, you won't get a coffee table book with your phone (but maybe you're happy about that!).

According to LG, the Optimus Black is the thinnest smartphone in the world. The phone's width measures about 0.36 inches thick, then tapers down to 0.24 inches, which LG says qualifies it as the world's thinnest phone. The Optimus Black is currently available in select European markets.

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