Bin Laden Situation Room Photo Becomes Instant Meme

The events of the Situation Room are quickly transformed into a smorgasbord of memes.

The Real Situation Room

Every generation has an iconic photograph attached to historical events. Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. The Kiss in Times Square. 9/11. And now, the snapshot of President Obama's Cabinet absorbing the news of the death of Osama bin Laden is slated to join the ranks -- and also become a Photoshopped instant meme.
Here's how the deal went down in the Situation Room, according to the Internet.

A Dinosaur in the Situation Room

Figures throughout history joined the party, including this velociraptor.

Photo Credit: Unknown, found on The Atlantic

Everybody Joins In

It's not a party until almost every Photoshop meme makes it in. John Stricker created this truly historical montage.

Photo Credit: John Stricker

The First Tweet Is Drafted

Brigadier General Marshall B. Webb was formulating what he would tweet even before the event was over.

Photo Credit: NolaCommander

Denis McDonough's Rage Face

Finding the physical similarities between Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough and the Rage Face meme, Reddit user Tartantyco meshes the two for laughs.

Photo Credit: Tartantyco

Royal Wedding Grumpy Girl Appearance

There was quite a lot of spillover from the royal wedding; even the grumpy flower girl made it into the Situation Room.

Photo Credit: Graham F. Scott

Crazy Hatts All Around

And so did Princess Beatrice's hat from the wedding.

Photo Credit: delraysblr

Watch Me Headshot This Guy

War nowadays is mostly controlled by high-tech gadgets ... maybe even PlayStations.

Photo Credit: Unknown, via the Atlantic

The Situation in the Situation Room

It wouldn't be punny if Jersey Shore's the Situation didn't show up sooner or later.

Photo Credit: Unknown, via the Atlantic

The Cigar Guy

Bored by watching golf, the Cigar Guy stopped by for a peek.

Photo Credit: jeremiahsjohnson via Reddit

Chuck Norris Revealed

For those who are curious about the blurred-out image in front of Hillary Rodham Clinton, an IGN message board reveals the truth.

Photo Credit: via IGN user Black-Sarevok

I Is In Your Situation Room

The news came as a shock to the world at large -- and there is no better spectacle of shock itself than the wide-eyed shock cat.

Photo Credit: Boing Boing

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