Nose Stylus Lets You Text in the Bathtub

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If you're anything like me, you've probably destroyed at least one phone while texting in the bath (I'm serious--it was an expensive Blackberry too!). But no longer will you have to risk destroying your phones when texting in the bath, because the finger-nose stylus is here!

Wait, what?

The finger-nose stylus is a nose-extension made from plaster with a storebought handheld stylus embedded inside. The nose also has two elastic bands which hold it on your face. As an added bonus, it makes you look like Pinocchio.

With the nose's capacitive tip, you can use it as an extra finger for texting or scrolling through a webpage. It can be used anywhere from the bath to on the road (not recommended). Who knows, the device could also be used for handycapped persons that might need an extra "limb."

The designer of the weird new gadget, Dominic Wilcox, originally came up with the design when he found that it was hard to use his touchphone in the bath without getting it wet. He tried using his nose but he couldn't see where he was touching and it wasn't very precise, so he came up with this method of using an extended and slender nose so that he could precisely navigate with the nose while holding the phone with one dry hand.

After creating the device Wicox tried to send a tweet from his bath and instead of sending "Hello I am tweeting with my nose" his phone autocorrected and sent it as, "Hello I am meeting with my nose." Wilcox says he lost two followers.

For more details check out Wilcox's coverage on the project. He is also the creator of a number of other wild projects like the field of shoes.

I have to admit, the finger-nose stylus does look pretty awesome; the girls might think it's cute because fibers in the plaster give it a fuzzy/hairy look and kind of reminds me of Snoopy. Then again, it doesn't look very comfortable, but I suppose that's the price of not losing another phone to the all mighty warranty which doesn't cover water damage (oops).

[Dominic Wilcox via Wired Gadget Lab]

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