Sony’s PSN Outage Letter to Publishers Leaked, Adds Nothing New

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A letter Sony reportedly sent to developers in recent days is making the rounds this morning, but if you’re looking for further insight into the PSN outage, you won't find it here.

An unknown source tapped Industry Gamers to run the letter, claiming it was “just received…yesterday.” If so, as IG notes, it’s almost shockingly reticent, mostly paraphrasing what the company’s already told the public through patchy PlayStation blog updates.

As new details go--assuming I didn't miss these elsewhere--here's what I'm seeing:

- Sony first learned of the outage after “several PlayStation Network servers unexpectedly rebooted themselves" on April 19.

- There were initially four “suspect” servers, a number that eventually expanded to 10.

- The hackers were able to give themselves administrative privileges and attempted to hide their presence by deleting server logs.

And that’s about it--an informational pauper's banquet, of interest (if at all) to info-tech wonks only. The rest of the letter just reiterates what’s already been said, e.g. no evidence of credit card theft, enhanced security measures and server relocation, customer placation measures including free enrollment in an identity theft protection service, extensive apologizing, etc.

Is anyone surprised? If you were Sony, would you divulge sensitive details about the fiasco knowing full well the chances they'd be leaked to coverage-hungry media sites were all but guaranteed? Whatever else we care to say about Sony's handling of this mess, you have to admit they've been exceptionally good at circling the wagons.

We'd hoped the PSN might be back by today, but it's still down as I'm writing this. The last word from Sony on an up-time came last Tuesday, May 10, when Sony spokesperson Patrick Seybold wrote "I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days."

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