X Finger Regains The Use of Your Fingers Without Robotics

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Photo: Didrick Medical Inc
Be honest, when looking at your hands, you probably take your fingers for granted. Without fingers, imagine trying to do everyday chores involving gripping or your touch senses -- this post, typed up on a laptop, wouldn't have been written. Fortunately, a simple artificial limb has been created, which bends just as well as the real thing, only without fancy machinery to control it.

X Finger by Didrick Medical Inc uses the movement of an amputees nearby fingers to move, but can also move independently. The design is simply a metal framework with joints similar to an actual finger or thumb, covered by a skin colored silicone sheath. The X Finger can work independently due to lateral and vertical flexing of the device, so typing or gaming can now be done without a problem.

Each finger appears to be available and custom made to each person, though in order to get one you'll need your practitioner to take a photo of your hand. Pricing is also only available on request, so get saving.

While it's great to see a seemly simple prosthetic on the market for amputees, without the slightly strange-looking silicone sheath it looks very thin, although this is probably why it's so light at less than 10 grams. Plus with the sheath on, it does actually have a good finger-like silhouette to it, making it pretty subtle.

Check out Didrick Medical's video on the homepage to see the fake limb in action.

What do you think of the X Finger limb? Tell us in the comments below!

[Via Didrick Medical Inc]

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