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Browse the Web Privately With the ND Private Browser

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Many Android apps and processes can provide identifiable information--for example, your camera app may stamp photos with GPS location data, and your cellular-network provider also has various means to identify and track your device. ND Private Browser is one tool that can help protect your privacy, at least while you're browsing the Web.

ND is a text-only browser; if you need image, JavaScript, or Flash support, you should look elsewhere. ND does not support saving bookmarks or history, because those features are not congruent with the goal of privacy. ND also doesn't support cookies or JavaScript, since they can be used to track your online activities and pose a security risk.

One nice thing about this stripped-down browser is that pages load really fast. Text is easy to read without the bells and whistles and other typical distractions found on most Websites. It's actually pretty handy, if your intention is to just read a text article.

ND works in conjunction with another app called Orbot, which acts as a proxy client of the Tor anonymizing network. You don't need to perform fancy hacks or get root access to your device--just install Orbot, open the app, and connect to Tor. Then install ND and start browsing. The home page is set to the Are You Using Tor? Web page, so you can instantly verify your connection to the Tor network.

ND Private Browser is a must-have application for anyone who is truly serious about security and privacy.

What Android apps do you use to protect your privacy? Contact Brent W. Hopkins on Twitter. You might also like other articles by Brent W. Hopkins.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder ND Private Browser

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