New Electronic Golf Glove Proposes to Make Good Swings Easier

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When it comes to playing golf, there are very few variables the golfer has control over. The best way to perform well on the course is to swing well, which is easier said than done. A golfer has to be in touch with the tempo of their swing, the placement of their feet, the position of their hands and arms, and their grip. One of the easiest mistakes to make as a golfer is to hold on to the club handle like your life depends on it.

Of course, monitoring your grip strength while you’re trying to bring the head of your club into contact with a small white ball in front of you is hard to do. The SensoGlove is designed to help correct grip problems in your swing, wherever they happen to be.

Pressure sensors inside the glove’s fingers are connected to a small computer on the top of the hand which you set to a desired level of grip pressure. If you exceed that limit, the glove will provide audible feedback, no matter where in the process of swinging you happen to be. The screen on the computer module will also give you feedback on which fingers are gripping too hard.

All of this is supposed to give you the tools you need to swing better. While I can’t say that for sure, it certainly seems like a novel solution to an age-old golf problem.

Blair Hanley Frank is going to go dust off his putter.

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