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PC utility Soluto is moving beyond speeding up your boot time and now helps you solve software conflicts and rid your Web browser of unnecessary toolbars, add-ons and plug-ins. The company, also called Soluto, has launched the latest beta version of its free desktop app for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 systems.

Just as it did before, the new version of Soluto gives you an at-a-glance view of your boot time and the processes involved. But now the desktop app is also providing you with similar information about application crashes including historical data about your computer's app crashes and solutions to fix the problem. "We are very glad to be helping users find solutions for application crashes, one of the most frustrating experiences for PC users around the world," said Soluto's chief executive, Tomer Dvir.

The new Soluto beta will also take a look at all the Web browsers installed on your system, and show you which plug-ins, add-ons and toolbars are installed on each browser. The app then helps you make decisions about what you can get rid of and what your browser needs to keep running. Soluto can also help you manage your default search engine for each browser instead of rooting around in your browser's settings.

Here's how it works.

PC Genome

Soluto is able to offer fixes to your system problems by monitoring how you interact with your PC and aggregating that data into a database the company calls the PC Genome. This crowd-sourced solution allows Soluto to monitor how a large number of users deal with problems on their systems such as software conflicts and how the conflicts were solved. Let's say, for example, you discover your browser crashes because of incompatible plug-ins. Soluto gets alerted to your problem and the fix, thereby adding the fix to PC Genome and then sharing the solution with other Soluto users.

The company says it collects anonymous technical usage data from all its users, and never user information such as your browser history, document contents or any other personal data. But if you're not interested in sharing technical information about your computer with the company then Soluto may not be for you.

Solve Crashes

When you experience an application crash, you can open Soluto to see whether there is a solution for the problem you just experienced by clicking on "Heal crashes." This will show you which of your apps have crashed in the past, how many times they've crashed, roughly when they crashed, and, if Soluto has a solution, what you can do about it. In my informal review, I was unable to crash any apps in a real world scenario. But in several simulated crashes that I ran, Soluto's solutions to helping you fix crashes were relatively easy to understand and implement. But you'll have to wait for a formal review of the app to see how well it can solve problems under more severe torture tests.

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