Noise Snare Tracks Down Noisy Vehicles

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[Photo: Street Noise Reduction Systems]
There's nothing more annoying at bedtime than getting comfortable in bed and drifting off to sleep, only to be interrupted by a loud vehicle zooming past your house. Argh. Fortunately, this irritated more than one person, and there is now a gadget on the market, aimed at city governments, looking to help put a stop to people driving vehicles in excess of the decibel limit.

Noise Snare was created by Canadian Mark Nesdoly, who was getting annoyed at loud cars going past his house and waking his young child in the middle of the night.

The system is strapped to a stationary object on the street--say, a parked car--to monitor traffic. A microphone registers the noice levels of vehicles, a video camera films it, which can then be transfered to DVD. Noise Snare also imprints the time, date, location and sound in decibels onto the footage. The DVD can be used to trace the offender (via the license plate number) and issue a ticket to them. An SMS message or email can also be automated to be sent to the offender regarding the offense too.

So far, the undercover box has gained the attention of the city of Calgary, whose council intends to test it for a few months to see if it helps keeps noise levels to the province's maximum allowed. Although the gadget does seem a little bit...well...anal, it may help put a stop to the most consistent offenders (maybe not so much the one-offs) that haunt an area, making residents' lives a little easier (and quieter!).

Check out the video below for an example of how a finished DVD would look:

Do you think the Noise Snare is a bit much? Or would you like to use one in your neighborhood? Tell us in the comments!

[Street Noise Reduction Systems via Gizmag]

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