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How to Make Your Ad Stand Out

Have a room to rent? You could post your average, run-of-the-mill ad on Craigslist, listing the price and the basics. Or you could make it really stand out, like this ad, titled "$500 HOLY CRAP! IS THAT A ROOM FOR RENT ON MY CRAIGSLIST??!?!?!?"

"Do you want to be homeless? Then you better come check this room for rent out. It has WALLS and a CEILING." That's not all: It has carpet, too. As the poster writes, "I don't want my feet to be cold when I get out of bed at night. Carpet. So soft. Transcends the walking barefoot experience."

The ad comes complete with a photo of "your bad ass new roommate." But you might feel like you already know him after reading his ad.

(Via The Consumerist)

Merry Maids, He Ain't

Actual hipster housecleaner
Looking for some help keeping your house neat and clean? Hire the hipster housecleaner. "Like most hipsters, I spend my time being totally ironic and getting seriously awesome," he writes. But as he recently lost his job, this hipster is looking for a little extra income. "While you're at work you can think about how badass I'm being at your house. You can rest easy with the fact that a sweet dude in skinny jeans is totally taking out the garbage and cleaning your toilet."

And should you harbor any doubts about whether a hipster housecleaner will actually clean house, put your mind at ease. His services earned rave reviews.

Now That's a Headline

A great headline can make or break an article on a site like PCWorld. I'm willing to bet that a great headline can also make or break a sale on Craigslist. Take this ad, for example. His headline--"Either I suck at golf or there is something wrong with these clubs - $75"--just draws you in, doesn't it? It may even have enticed someone to pay full asking price for an old set of golf clubs and "a bag with some junk in it."

Funny or Creepy?

I'll leave you to make your own judgment after reading this ad: "i need someone to hide easter eggs in my apt when i am not there ! they are small and filled with candy ! i would like to find them myself on sunday ! i am willing to pay ! serious inquiries only !"

Honestly, I don't want to know how this turned out.

Putting the A-- in Class

Well, first, this man is looking to hire a wingwoman--to help him meet other women. Then, he feels it necessary to explain what a wingwoman is. (It's "a woman who goes into a social situation with the purpose of helping the guy or guys she is with meet women.")

But what really gets me about this ad is the fact that he describes himself as a "classy professional." Because nothing says classy like having to hire women to make other women think that women like you. Be still my beating heart!

Who Hasn't Bought a Couch on Craigslist?

Anyone? Well, if you still need a couch, would you go for this ad, which offers a free sofa "if you can bend time and/or space."

Not actual couch
The lister explains: "So why am I listing in for free? Because I am pretty sure it is physically impossible to remove this thing from my second story bedroom down the narrow hallway, down the narrower staircase and out the front door of my little Victorian duplex. How did we get it up here in the first place? Magic... well, it did involve taking several doors off the hinges, 4 people, and about 3 1/2 hours of cursing the gods. However, I don't feel like doing it all again, and I'm not about to have a stranger (no offense) taking apart my house for a deal on a sofa."

There's always a catch, right?

Via Funny Craigslist Ads

Let's Hope Her Husband Doesn't Read Craigslist

Sample baby. Your results may vary.
Even if this ad isn't for real, well, I'm not sure that makes it any better. It's from a woman who is "looking for a light skinned man to get me pregnant this coming weekend or early next week. You will need light brown blonde or red hair. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for months now and my doctor says I'm fine so it must be him--it would kill him not to have kids."

Would you really want the kind of person who answers that kind of ad to father your children? Yikes.

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