Sony E3 Press Conference In Pictures

Sony revealed their next-generation portable game console, the PlayStation Vita, as well as some of their key upcoming games for the next year. See them for yourself.

Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference

It's no secret that Sony has been having a rough 2011. At its' E3 press conference Monday at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena Sony had its first chance to show the world how it plans to rebound. Between the unveiling of its new next-generation portable (dubbed the "PlayStation Vita"), a big play into 3D gaming with its own PlayStation-branded 3D display, and a quick look at some of Sony's upcoming blockbuster titles for both PS3 and Vita, it looks like Sony just might have its groove back.

Read on to see the press conference highlights in pictures for yourself.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Naughty Dog was on stage to demo the third installment of their flagship PlayStation series, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The demonstration game sequence saw Drake sneaking around trying to infiltrate some kind of ocean liner during a fierce storm, getting ambushed, and desperately trying to escape before the ship sinks. They're also co-promoting with Subway to give out early access to the multiplayer game.

Resistance 3

Next up was Insomiac Games, showing off a segment from the upcoming PlayStation first-person-shooter Resistance 3. The player starts out mixing it up in a gritty firefight set in the streets of a post-apocalyptic St. Louis, but when things go south he's forced to retreat before a big baddie (which looks suspiciously like a Giant Enemy Crab) takes your power core. Resistance 3 includes PlayStation Move compatibility, so they'll actually be bundled together for $150.

PlayStation 3D Display (24-inch)

Sony is releasing a PlayStation-branded 3D 24-inch display that allows two players to see two different images (by taking advantage of the glasses, presumably) without resorting to split-screen setups. Sony is selling the display with Resistance 3, two pairs of glasses ($70 each otherwise), and a 6-food HDMI cable for $500.

Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest

Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest is a cartoony hack-n-slash game that emphasizes "one-to-one" motion control--which is to say, you're going to be getting a workout alternating between blocking with your shield, slashing with your sword, reaching back to pull another arrow from your quiver, and tossing throwing stars at would-be bad guys. And did we mention the grappling hook?

inFamous 2

The inFamous 2 trailer Sony showed was short on exposition and long on all kinds of explosions. While the game releases tomorrow, Jack Trenton mentioned that some sort of user-generated level support is coming out for inFamous 2 in the fall.

Dust 514

CCP (also known for Eve Online) announced that their persistant massively multiplayer online first-person shooter will be a console-exclusive for the PlayStation 3 and NGP, but the game overlaps with Eve Online, so you'll be able to work with the PC players as well. The trailer showed a mass invasion of some kind of transit station--with price breakdowns (in ISK) for all the gear that's blowing up. Coming Summer 2012.

BioShock Infinite

After recanting his diatribe about motion controls, Irrational Games' Ken Levine took the stage to talk about how they're going to add PlayStation Move support to their upcoming BioShock Infinite. He also teased an upcoming BioShock game for Sony's new portable console, the NGP.

Star Trek

In case "3D" and "PlayStation Move" wasn't enough to sell you on a new Star Trek game (timed to coincide with the next movie), get this: They're selling a Star Trek Phaser-shaped controller. You'll never have to play make-believe with the TV remote again.

PlayStation Vita

The official name for the "NGP", Sony's next-generation portable. Two analog sticks, a multi-touch 5-inch OLED screen, front and rear touchpads, front and rear cameras, SixAxis motion support. It will come in Wi-Fi-only ($250) and 3G ($300) models, and will be in stores for the 2011 holiday season. 3G access will be provided by AT&T. While there weren't a whole lot of specifics, Sony did show some social networking and friend-tracking features.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Uncharted came back for an encore appearance. This time, however, it came in the form of a PlayStation Vita game, but it might as well have been a PS3 title from the visual detail. The demo sequence started by showing off the touchscreen controls with a melee combat scene, then showed how the touchscreen supplemented (rather than replaced) the Vita's motion and touchscreen controls--you can stick to the standard buttons, or use some of the new controls, to control Nathan Drake. For example, you can use your normal controls to pull yourself across a series of gold bricks to climb from one place to another, or you can use the touchscreen to draw a line across the bricks and Drake will climb across.

Ruin (working title)

A "social action RPG" for the Vita that is compatible with the PS3. The demo level looks like Diablo III, right down to the isometric perspective and vaguely Barbarian-looking warrior character. Ruin will be playable on the Vita and PS3, so you can save a game on the Vita and continue from your couch.

ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers uses the in-game track builder to show off the Vita's touchscreens and touchpads. With a few easy swipes, you can create a track, add depth to the terrain, change the angle of the course, and so forth.


Sony's quirky DIY-game LittleBigPlanet will be making an appearance on the PlayStation Vita, with plenty of cool touchscreen/touchpad controls, online multiplayer, and all the tools from LittleBigPlanet 2.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom's Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono came onstage with news: Capcom's next crossover fighter, Street Fighter X Tekken, will be available for PlayStation Vita. What's more, Cole from inFamous will be joining the character roster, presumably as a Sony exclusive. Like the Nintendo 3DS's Super Street Fighter IV 3D, Street Fighter X Tekken will support touchpad and touchscreen controls to make the game easy for all to play.

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