Wii U At E3 2011: Our First Look

Nintendo announced the Wii U, the company's new home entertainment system, during an E3 press conference in Los Angeles, and PCWorld had reporters on hand to capture footage of the new touchscreen controller in action.

In Video: The Wii U In Action At E3 2011

It's called the Wii U, and the console itself looks much like a fatter and more rounded Wii system. Instead of a standard gamepad or WiiMote, the new Wii U sports an engorged micro-tablet controller containing a gyroscope, microphone, front-facing camera and stereo speakers in addition the standard dual control sticks and buttons.

Once the Wii U was unveiled we were able to capture video of the Shield Pose tech demo in action on the E3 show floor; watch the player shake, rattle, and roll in attempt to defeat a sinister-looking pirate, and stay tuned for more E3 show floor coverage on PCWorld's own Game On blog.

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