Ubuntu Linux, Day 7: Lessons from the Unity Trenches

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Applying these settings, though, resulted in my external monitor being enabled, but with a big blank Ubuntu screen that was an extension of the Ubuntu desktop workspace from my laptop. I wanted the external monitor to be the only display-or at least a mirror image-so I can shut the laptop and just use the external monitor. In the settings I clicked on Position and found a setting called Clones which makes the laptop and external monitor displays identical.

So, I shut the laptop to get back to...dammit! Ubuntu put the OS to sleep when I shut the lid of the laptop. I pulled the laptop back out, logged back in, and went into the Power Management settings. The problem, though, is that Ubuntu only offers three choices--Sleep, Shut Down, or Blank Screen. On Windows 7, I have it configured to "Do Nothing" so I can open and close the laptop lid without the hassle. None of these options will let me shut the laptop lid and continue working using the external monitor.

It is frustrating that Ubuntu doesn't have a "Do Nothing" setting when closing the laptop lid.
So, I decided to just reboot--with the laptop lid closed--so it could just enter into that mode from the get go without me shutting the lid. No can do. Ubuntu forgot everything I had configured and I had to dig the laptop out from under the desk and start over. I tried a variety of ways to get Ubuntu to save my Nvidia X Server Settings so that the external monitor would be enabled, but nothing worked.

So, as of right now, my Wubi install is trashed and simply doesn't work. My local install works, and I was able to get the external monitor working--but only as long as I also keep the laptop out and open. Oh, and I have to reconfigure the external monitor every time I reboot.

I am sure that most of my issues are operator error, or a function of my ignorance of Linux and Ubuntu. Again, keep the tips and advice coming. Just remember, I am trying to represent Windows users who embark on the mission of switching to Ubuntu Linux, and I am more tech savvy than some--so I imagine that average users walking in my shoes would find this all very daunting and just throw in the towel.

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