Remote Controlled Dog Goes Where You Tell It To; Does Your Bidding

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Most people with a dog typically have to train the furry beast to go or come when you want. Luckily, with a laser and an R/C car hack, you can remotely control your dog and forget all that silly training. Oh, and did I mention lasers? Yes, lasers.

If you're like me and most people out there then you also get a kick out of putting lasers on on things and making crazy stuff, like Laser Cat, for example. But unlike the epic Laser Cat this hack is actually alive, and well, it just doesn't get much more awesome than that! Thankfully for all of us, a household hacker (he hacks household stuff) that goes by the name Household Hacker came up with a simple hack that lets you plant a laser underneath your dog.

First, take a part an R/C car so all that's left is the chassis containing the motors and circuit board. Cut off the wheels and the rear end of the car containing the rear tires and the motor that powers it. Second, hot glue a small handheld laser on the from axles--when you turn the direction of the axles, where the tires once were, with the R/C car remote controller the laser will also turn in the same direction. Next, put a vest, with Velcro on the bottom, on your mutt. Finally, plant some Velcro on the top of the hacked R/C car with the laser and attach it to the Velcro on the bottom of the dog's vest, but whatever you do be sure to not to get the laser's light in the dog's eyes so you do not harm your furry friend.

Just turn on the laser and using the R/C car controller turn the axles left or right and the laser will move--chances are your dog will chase it. For this to work the laser has to be pointed ahead of the dog but still at the ground where he/she can see it, so some adjustments may be necessary. And there you have it, a hacked dog that will do your bidding.

[Household Hacker] (YouTube)

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