Artificial Intelligence Systems Face Off in Ms. Pac-Man

Artificial Intelligences have taken it to the old school coin-op arcades in a no-holds-barred Ms. Pac-Man vs. Ghost Team competition. The University of Essex held the competition last week at the Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2011, to see how computer minds would score up.

The teams of Java programmers created AI routines to control either Ms. Pac-Man or the four ghosts through the maze. The AIs were given an update on the game state every 40ms at which point the controller would have to input whatever direction it wanted go.

An AI Ms. Pac-Man programmed by Atif from University of Essex pulled the highest single-game score of 69,240 points. Meanwhile, the University of Nottingham team had the highest average score for controlling Ms. Pac-Man with 34,278 points. Both of which are still pathetically, pitiful compared to humans who can regularly pull a score 921,360. Humans win!

The next leg of the competition will be held in Seoul, South Korea this August at the 2011 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games.

[Ms. Pac-Man vs. Ghost Team via CNET]

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