9 DIY Projects for the Crafty Geek

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Have you ever looked at the dust settling on your workbench and thought, "this weekend, I'm going to use this bench and make something cool"? I know I have. When the weekend comes, and the chores are done, I stand there looking at that workbench and I've got... nothing. No ideas at all. Well, hopefully this series of videos can help inspire those of use who love electronics, soldering irons, and getting our hands dirty.

Increase Your Cell Phone Reception...With a Can

The team over at Popular Science has really come up with a novel way of increasing those cell phone bars. With this five minute project, you can change old cans into a rad cell phone range enhancer. Nice!

Spy Sunglasses

Okay, the end result is not exactly what you'd call "subtle". But the fact is, this is a cool project for those of you who have a pair of sunglasses, a soldering iron and a true love for spy movies. What you do with this is absolutely none of our business.

Rocket-Powered Toy Cars

Initially, I thought my sons would really enjoy this project idea. To be honest, I wouldn't let them go anywhere near this instructional video. For myself, however, I would love to try this out. Admittedly, this idea isn't something that would change the world. That said, why should it be? I suppose this is a sort of "duh" moment putting rocket boosters on a toy car. Looks like a lot of fun.

MP3 Music Box

This is a project that I am definitely going to build. This is a music box made out of a cigar box. Instead of the revolving cylinder and and little metal comb, you will use an mp3 player. All I need now is some time and a steady hand. Oh, and a cigar box.

NEXT: Music, and glowsticks and slingshots. Oh my.

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