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idroid Release 0.2 (3G)

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  • Generic Company Place Holder idroid Release 0.2 (3G)

Note: This file accompanies the Here's How article "How to Install Android on Your iPhone," which goes live the evening of May 19. Do not attempt to install or use this file without the instructions in that article.

Maybe you want to liberate your iPhone from Apple's clutches. Maybe you just want to tinker with something new. Either way, you've seen Android running on the iPhone, and you want to try it for yourself.

Although this port does everything that you expect your smartphone to be able to do, it isn't usable for day-to-day activities just yet--I haven't implemented any power-management functions, so a fully charged iPhone running Android will last only an hour or so.

A few bugs and performance issues remain, too, so while the phone will be usable, it won't be fast. If you do something unexpected (such as forcing the iPhone off), there is a small chance that you may end up restoring your device. However, it is impossible for any bugs to brick or disable your iPhone permanently.

--David Wang

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder idroid Release 0.2 (3G)

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