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You may think you know Internet Explorer, but Version 7 is a different beast entirely from the IE you probably are using today. This new iteration of the world's dominant browser brings in a number of features long since taken for granted by alternative browser users, such as tabbed browsing, a toolbar-integrated search box, and limited RSS support.

Version 7 also has a much more compact and streamlined interface than its predecessor, with a strong emphasis on dedicating as much of the window as possible to the displayed Web site. And there are a number of security upgrades, like a new anti-phishing filter.

There are a couple of minor RSS tweaks, also. You can choose to refresh all your feeds at once manually, and you can globally mark everything as read.

Read our head-to-head comparison of IE7 versus Firefox 2.0.

--Ramon McLeod and Erik Larkin

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Internet Explorer

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