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The BitTorrent protocol has become extremely popular for file-sharing of all types, whether it be games, movies, software, or music. If you're looking to get started with torrent downloads, this software is an excellent place to begin, because it's easier to use than other clients. You get full controls over your download, including pausing, resuming, moving downloads up and down your queue, and so on.

The BitTorrent software also lets you create your own torrents for sharing with others, and it gives you access to a variety of advanced features, including tracking BitTorrent peers, viewing all the pieces of your torrent, and more.

The interface for downloading and uploading files is simple and straightforward, and lets you easily track all of your activity. You can pause and resume downloads, for example, and view your completed downloads. There's also a useful graph that shows you the bandwidth your downloads and uploads use. Also included is an RSS reader.

BitTorrent includes BitTorrent DNA (Delivery Network Accelerator), which purports to work with multiple Web sites to accelerate downloads. In addition, BitTorrent has gone increasingly commercial, and its Web site now includes ways to search for and download for-pay content such as movies.

Note: Be aware that as with all peer-to-peer file sharing networks, the legality of what you download may be open to question.

--Preston Gralla

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder BitTorrent

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