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Do you collect Favorites? Me, too, and that's why I use AM-DeadLink. It's a brilliant tool that checks your browser's bookmarks to see if they're alive and well (or dead and in the 404 bit bucket); it also checks for duplicate links.

It's a breeze to delete them: From Bookmarks, choose the "Sort bookmarks with errors to top of list," highlight the bunch, and send them on their way.

Use AM-DeadLink's built-in viewer to quickly check other links (or open the link in your browser). Just as nifty is to have the program download and install those cool icons (called FavIcons) from any of your fav Web sites.

AM-DeadLink works with IE6 and IE7, Mozilla, and--wait, I can sense the synapses beginning to snap to attention--Firefox and Opera.

--Steve Bass

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder AM-DeadLink

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