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Warning Forever

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The great thing about Warning Forever is that if you have at least three fingers on each hands and a passing familiarity with arcade games of the '70s, you have everything you need to a play.

You're at the bottom of the screen, moving warily back and forth, as you shoot gracefully wavy streams of--oh, let's call them "vortex torpedoes" at a mother of a mother ship. Right off the bat, you've got a fighting chance. But it diminishes rapidly with each new level, which, of course, brings a new form of new spectacular weaponry the mother ship uses to kick your tush in a new spectacular way.

The retro graphics are primitive compared to most games, but so what. You didn't launch Warning Forever because it's Art Appreciation Day. You needed it to vent some of your inner killer before you take it out on the next person to wish you a "nice day."

P.S.-Do yourself a favor and print out the readme.txt file: it contains a list of the simple game controls.

--Ron White

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Warning Forever

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