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Pirho Herakles

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Pirho Herakles

He was the son of philandering Zeus and became a virile demi-god whose Roman cult stomped its way from Hispania to Gaul. A jealous stepmother drove him crazy and the king of Mycenae set him to impossible tasks. Isn't it time Hercules had a font of his own? Canadian designer Peter Rempel says yes with the inspired Pirho Herakles.

Reputation aside, we see Rempel's creation and we do not think of lion skin togas and gnarled clubs. No. We think of a lamb gyro slathered with tzatziki and served on grilled pita. Download Pirho Herakles, type P. HERAKLES SANDWICH SHOP and yesterday's tortured hero becomes today's successful restaurateur. Welcome to the 21st Century, oh son of Zeus. Live long and profit!

There's a lot to like in P. Herakles. The letterforms are crisp. Stroke details in characters such as C and K show subtle calligraphic skill. The font includes upper and lower cases, full numerals and punctuation, plus limited monetary symbols for those of us wanting to know the price tag on that tasty gyro sandwich. Word of warning: stand clear of the @, & and percentage signs. Not all the symbols match the high quality of the main letterforms, and you will have to fuss with letterspacing no matter the point size.

Pirho Herakles is one of Rempel's early fonts. Hidden within the characters are hints of future faces featuring Norse runes and mystical symbols. We hope the designer revisits this early creation to provide a redrawn set of lowercase letters. The current characters are a shadow of the Caps. True, the weights match, but doesn't a demi-god deserve more? Plus, we know the designer is up to the task.

A word of caution: Although a copyright sign can be found under Unicode 0169, the rights to commercial use of this face already belong to the designer. Keep Herakles personal and no thunderbolts will come your way.

Note: To use this font, unzip the folder and install the .ttf file in the folder C:\Windows\Fonts. The font will appear in your applications after close and re-open them. The font name appears as Pirho_Herakles in the folder, but look for either Herakles or PiRhoHerak when you go to specify the style.

--Kate Godfrey

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At a Glance
  • Ninety-eight heroic, Greek-inspired characters stand ready for a menu of tasks.


    • Subtle calligraphic touches


    • No true lowercase
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