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Finding and saving documents and files to and from various folders on your computer may not seem like the most time-consuming task. But Buzz Folders Free, a nifty utility that streamlines the file-saving and file-opening process, could save you a few seconds of time each time you use it--seconds that could quickly add up.

Once installed, Buzz Folders Free adds a small box below the open/save dialog you see when opening or saving any type of document or file. The box has four tabs, each of which offers access to frequently-used or favorite folders. The first tab links to folders that you've recently used with the current application. (If you're using Microsoft Word, for example, these will be folders where you frequently store Word docs.) The second tab links to "stickies," which are folders you've defined as your favorites for the current application. The third tab links to "global" folders, which are those you've recently accessed from any application. The fourth tab, meanwhile, is a customizable option where you can specify a file type and Buzz Folders will display folders where you have recently accessed or saved a file of that type. The names (especially "stickies" and "global") don't make the functions of the tabs immediately apparent, but after using it once or twice, I forgot about the odd monikers and was using Buzz Folders as if it were second nature.

Describing the tabbed layout of Buzz Folders Free takes a lot longer than actually using it. When you're opening or saving a document from within an app, Buzz Folders finds the folders you'd logically want to access, rather than presenting you with useless suggestions as many apps like Microsoft Word are wont to do. After using Buzz Folders once or twice, I quickly learned to rely on it when opening and saving Word documents; it learned my patterns quickly and displayed the folders I wanted to see every time.

The only complaint I have is that Buzz Folders lacks any centralized control mechanism; you can access it only when you actually have the open/save dialog open. If you want to set up your favorite folders (or "stickies"), you'll have to do it then. It would be easier if Buzz Folders offered a control panel where you could adjust the settings from the start.

Buzz Folders Free isn't going to revolutionize the way you use your computer. But it will save you a little bit of time here and there--as well as plenty of frustration along the way.

--Liane Cassavoy

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Buzz Folders Free

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