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The move helps defeat the common phishing tactic of using long and convoluted URLs that might start with what looks like a bank site address, throw in a bunch of symbols and other characters, and effectively bury the real domain. For example, one recent phishing attack listed by used an address that started with "http://oceanbank.webcashmgmt..." and only had the actual domain much further along.

Locationbar makes it easy to foil such attacks by graying-out everything but the domain. You can still read the rest of the address, but you can immediately spot the real site name among the gobbledy-gook.

This highlighting is a built-in feature in the upcoming Internet Explorer 8 that an enterprising programmer, in true open-source fashion, made available for Firefox.

In addition to the safety feature, the extension also allows you to hold the Ctrl, Meta, Shift or Alt key while mousing over a part of a URL to open up a new window with only up to that part of the address. For example, if you mouse over the 'firefox' segment of '' and click while holding down one of those keys, you'll open up '' in a new tab and potentially save yourself a little time.

A few users on the add-on's comments page have reported that Locationbar may not work correctly with certain Firefox themes. If you install it and don't see any difference, try switching themes.

Note: The download link above will bring you to Locationbar2's Mozilla add-on page, with a button to install the add-on directly to your browser.

--Erik Larkin

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Locationbar2

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