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If you're a Netflix customer, you likely spend a lot more time on the Netflix site than you mean to do. Between searching for movies, adding them, and seeing what's on your list, you can spend as much time puttering around the Netflix queue as you would queuing up for the latest blockbuster. What's a busy cinephile to do?

Google Chrome users, Netflix Queue solves the problem for you neatly. It's a free Chrome extension that lets you view the DVDs in your Netflix queue. You can see what you have at home, search for DVDs and add them to your queue, read movie synopses, and more. And you can do all that without getting sucked into Netflix itself--just use the extension instead.

Install the Netflix Queue extension into Chrome, and it shows up as an icon in the upper right of the browser window. Click the icon to see your queue and get access to it. Click any DVD title to see detail. Click the up arrow to move any DVD to the top of the queue. Click Search to search for a DVD, and when you find one you want, click to add it to your queue.

Netflix Queue could use some advanced features, notably the ability to view your Instant Queue. And its tools for managing your queue are basic. You can move a DVD to the top of the queue, but other than that you can't reorder the queue.

Still, these are relatively small drawbacks. Chrome users who are also Netflix customers will find it a big help.

--Preston Gralla

At a Glance
  • Manage your Netflix queue from within Google Chrome.


    • Simple to use and install; manage your Netflix queue from within Chrome


    • You can't manage your instant queue; needs more tools to reorder queue
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