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Galaxy Scraper

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From orifices opening out of the front-sides of planets to whatever you want to call the little volcanic nubs directly in their rears, IGF 2008 finalist Galaxy Scraper sends you on a zany platform-style adventure in the vein of Super Mario Galaxy, only raunchier. At the outset you have to careen around a planetoid that's straight out of When Lips Attack meets The Little Prince, knocking little red, yellow, and purple creatures that look like two-legged gumdrops into a toothy mouth yawning out of the ground. Once you've fed it enough, you have to beat a timer to the planet's backside at which point you'll be "expelled" to your next destination.

Each of the demo's planetoids offers an overarching puzzle, one requiring combat (you can essentially "kick" enemies), the other requiring you navigate a precarious lava-covered planet to throw levers that open gates and further your progress. It's fast, furious, and best played with a gamepad (natively supports the Xbox 360 controller).

--Matt Peckham

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Galaxy Scraper

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