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Eschalon: Book One

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  • Basilisk Games Eschalon: Book One

Remember Ultima? Tile-built worlds? Isometric view angles? Turn-based combat? Having the option to abandon your computer at will without hitting pause to prevent holy pandemonium from breaking loose?

Miss that? If so, you'll want to give Eschalon: Book One a try. It's a role-playing game (RPG) done up old-style, but rendered in clean, high-res lines and inviting hues that make it visually superior to most of its bygone predecessors. Like stats? It's got 'em. Loot? Scattered everywhere. Pick a class, a name, your attributes, and you're off to wrestle with oodles of enemies, plot twists, and your own missing memories.

Eschalon's world may not quite be Ultima-sized, but it's big enough, with a story that doesn't hold your hand or force you to tackle missions single-file. Give it a look if you miss this sort of thing, and know that it's called "book one" because it's the first in a planned trilogy. Plenty more to come, in other words. And why not? Like bell bottoms, sideburns, and platform shoes, there's no reason old school RPGs like this can't make a comeback.

Download Eschalon: Book One (Price: $27.95; Scope-limited demo)

--Matt Peckham

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At a Glance
  • Basilisk Games Eschalon: Book One

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