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Celebration of Bacon

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Bacon is hot these days (and crispy). If you appreciate a good slab of fatty pork, then you'll want to load up PCWorld's Celebration of Bacon Windows 7 theme. No fat, no calories, just wallpapers loaded with baconey goodness and mouthwatering sounds.

This theme contains two bacon-themed digital artworks from members of the DeviantArt community ("Bacon Is Awesome" by Jonathan Hoffman and "Bacon" by Madison Mastri) plus six photos under Creative Commons license: goofy dancing bacon slices by Sappymoosetree, a mouthwatering sandwich by fancycwabs, bacon sizzling to perfection by Lara604, bacon-flavored lip balm by Joelk75, bacon graffiti art by Salim Virji, and (of course) scrumptious bacon cupcakes by Sugar Daze. I've also tossed in two sizzling sounds courtesy of Freesound Project members FreqMan and Konamiuss (also under a Creative Commons license).

Note: To install the Windows 7 theme, just unzip the archive file and double-click the themepack within. Windows does the rest.

--Kim Saccio-Kent

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At a Glance
  • Load up on baconey goodness with this free Windows 7 theme pack.


    • Great images
    • Fun sounds


    • Smell-o-Vision not possible
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