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Some programs, like ePrint Professional 5, inspire a person to forget all about the magic that's going on behind the scenes and instead just enjoy the results. This one lets you turn almost any document into almost any other document type. Sure, it makes PDFs from Microsoft Word documents without so much as a hiccup. But its many other tools and options--like annotation and presets--make it a huge bargain at $49. This 15-day trial is full-featured, except that a big, ugly watermark appears at the bottom of all the documents you create. (The documents are still usable, though.)

The program sits in your printer list, and when you print to it, the LeadTools ePrint Workstation program launches, showing your file. You can then use the annotation tools to mark up the file, add clip art if you wish, insert pages, and then save the file to any one of perhaps one hundred common and not-so-common file types.

You'll want to use ePrint for general office use and not for pro print shops or prepress. It's not overkill for small businesses, as Adobe Acrobat can be. (Even some PDF creators that cost less than Acrobat, such as PDF4U Pro, can be a bit much).

My only problem showed up when trying to make a PDF of a Microsoft Excel file: The gridlines did not show up. And the clip art that's included with ePrint is simply awful.

It's clear that the developers put a huge amount of effort and thought into ePrint. Give it a try and see whether it can accomplish your toughest file-conversion tasks.

--Jennifer Berger

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder ePrint Professional

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