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  • Generic Company Place Holder Piggly

Meet Mrs. Piggly, a pig on a mission. She's a single-minded mom determined to make apple pie for her piglets. Your job is to help her collect apples and roll them back to her cottage.

If this task sounds easy, it is--for the first level or two. Then out come the apple-eating rabbits, pig-stinging bees, and mud pits galore. Collecting those apples and rolling them safely home over perilous terrain and through inclement weather is a serious challenge. The game is fun for adults and kids alike; my 9-year-old daughter loved it. Gameplay is smooth, and the graphics are gorgeous. One little quirk: You need to press Esc to pause or exit the game.

Piggly is sold with Piggly Christmas Edition, which is the same game decorated for the holidays. The free demo linked here is limited to 60 minutes of playtime. Although the installer says it is loading the Christmas demo, you actually get straight-up Piggly.


--Kim Saccio-Kent

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Piggly

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