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MorphVOX Junior

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The vocal distortion is well done, but it's not of the same quality as you might see in movies or TV shows. Even with echo suppression turned on, I always had a slight reverb/overlap effect. The selection of voices is also fairly small--a single male, female, or 'tiny folk' morph are all that's included in this free version. The commercial version offers more options.

Setup was easy. When you first run the program (or anytime afterwards, if you wish) a "Voice Doctor" utility comes up to help adjust sound levels and "train" the program to your voice. After that, just speak and listen. If you wish, MorphVOX will become the default driver for your microphone, so that all sounds run through it. Just be sure to turn it off after the WoW Raid and before your teleconferencing call with the boss.

The interface is a little non-standard; for some reason, many media player apps feel they need to look like anything other than a normal Windows application, and MorphVOX follows this tradition. The unusual window shape and controls do not offer any added functionality; they look cool and that's it.

The price is certainly right; I can see no reason not to install and test MorphVOX Junior. If you like what it does but want more options, check out the $40 commercial version.

--Ian Harac

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder MorphVOX Junior

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