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Image for Windows v2 finally marries a favorable face to what has always been a very competent imaging program. IFW takes a no-nonsense approach to imaging, aka, backing up all data on a partition, boot sector and all: It asks you which partition you want to back up, where you want to back it up to, then gives you all the relevant options such as encryption, validation, etc. on a single page where you click finish to begin the job. If you're used to Acronis True Image's confusing and seemingly endless wizard or Norton Save & Restore's proclivity for hiding advanced options (presumably to save you from yourself), it's a breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, some of IFW v2's advanced features aren't easy enough for neophytes to use, and I noted a couple of minor bugs. If you open up a differential image, i.e., an image containing only changes since your original baseline image was made, you must to locate and identify said baseline image yourself. This is definitely something that should not be left to the user--the program should track this by itself. Also, the program didn't associate itself with image files it created; even when I created the association myself using "Open with," it gave me an error when I double-clicked them. (Backup images load fine from within the program.)

When you buy Image for Windows, you also get programs for Linux and DOS (so you can back up without booting Windows) thrown in as well as a version for the Windows command line. Since the program creates self-restoring images (on CD and DVD), that covers you in nearly all circumstances. My only nit is that, as with the free Drive Image XML, you're limited to backing up one partition per image.

Overall, Image for Windows is well worth a look for power users and pros. Its no-nonsense approach is appealing, and backups are quick. However, don't buy it for the less savvy users in your life until Terabyte has made the advanced features a bit simpler to use.

Note: If you buy IFM, your user name is everything after "[NAME]" up to "[KEY]", and your key is everything after. Because of the formatting on the download page, it took me several minutes to figure out my user name was "PC World (1)" and not simply "PC World."

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Image for Windows

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