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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder [Together]

If you're feeling a little down, casual game [Together] may provide just the lift you need. In this simple, browser-based adventure, an unnamed man and woman join hands and soar throughout the cosmos, leaving contrails of little stars behind them. A persistent Beast follows the couple everywhere, providing the conflict for the game. Although [Together] is beautiful to look at and sweet in concept, it's also a bigger challenge than the premise makes it sound.

Bean, also known as OneMrBean--whose day job is designing iPad and iPhone games for Namco--has done an excellent job making [Together] visually appealing. The pink and blue figures have just enough detail, and the lines of the game are overall clean and uncluttered. The characters stand out against the dreamy backgrounds, and the 8-bit look of the Beast that pursues them is menacing without actually being scary. Attractive as the game looks, I found its mellow guitar soundtrack less interesting; however, you can turn it off it without suffering a loss of clues.

To win this game, your characters fly through various settings, such as [stratos] and [infinite cosmos]. Different hearts appear, floating ahead of you; if you catch them, they provide a power-up as well as an addition to your collection. Despite instructions on how to fly and how to shake off the Beast, I found the controls hard to work (perhaps because I used a trackpad). It was difficult for me to catch hearts and evade the beast, so my sad little lovebirds spent most of their time in a level called [belly of the beast].

[Together] is not a game for the cynical, nor for anyone who's slow with a mouse. Dexterous and glad-hearted gamers may enjoy [Together] very much.

Note: To play this game, you must follow the link and open it in a Flash- and Javascript-enabled browser. After a brief ad video, you can play the game online. This game won an Armor Games award in the Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Read PCWorld's reviews of winning and notable casual games from this contest.

--Laura Blackwell

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder [Together]

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