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VueMinder is one of the best all-around calendaring programs you can find, and combines very useful features such as the ability to send reminders via e-mail, with a simple-to-use interface. Anyone who's not satisfied with their existing calendar program, or is looking for one for the first time, should give it a try.

Well-designed and handsome, VueMinder is a pleasure to use. You can see your calendar in a day view, week view, or month view. No matter the view, the legible design lets you easily see what you have scheduled. Creating a new event is simple, and you can schedule it one-time, or on a recurring basis. The program can send e-mail reminders as well as reminders via SMS, so even when VueMinder is closed, you can be notified when you have an important upcoming event.

VueMinder has pretty much every feature you want in a calendaring program, including the ability to print, as well as export and import in the iCal calendar standard format. You can also export and import to Excel and Outlook and also track to-dos. One particularly nice feature is that the program downloads numerous event calendars having to do with entertainment, holidays, religion, science, and sports. So, for example, your calendar can include astronomical events, Geek holidays, and musician's birthdays on it. But that's just one of the many excellent features in VueMinder. Use it regularly, and you'll find plenty more as well.

--Preston Gralla

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