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Ultra Recall

Ultra Recall helps you organize and search your electronic documents and other resources. You can enter contact information and other data, and link to documents, spreadsheets, and Web pages, in one Info Database file.

When you first open the program, you get a read-only Introduction database that explains basic concepts. Rather than use Save As to create an editable database as the program instructs, I suggest using File, New to open a new instance of Ultra Recall and start creating your own database. Otherwise you'll simply end up with another version of the Introduction database.

Ultra Recall is fairly complicated. It's useful to keep the Introduction database open and follow the instructions as you build your own. However, it's still challenging to use. For example, I discovered by accident that to work with the main My Data page you right-click the label in the Data Explorer to access functions like importing files, and more.

Other annoyances: The Document item is deceiving--you can't type in any data, just import files. And the built-in Web browser isn't terribly useful: You can navigate to Web pages but can't use their search functions.

The plusses outweigh the minuses, however. There's a handy Internet Explorer toolbar that lets you quickly import Web pages into the database; there are also a Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird toolbars available. (Note: The program installs harmless BHOs for these toolbars.) And once you figure out how to use the program, it's terrific for organizing complex projects and research notes. You can grab practically any resource that you need--images, Web pages, documents--and have access to it all in one convenient database.

Ultra Recall would be useful for mobile professions who need access to their data on the go; you can easily copy database files to a USB drive for transport, for example. Legal professionals, researchers, writers (and editors!), could all make good use of this program.

The trial version is good for 30 uses or 60 days, whichever comes later. Be sure to test this program thoroughly during that time, because the license is $49.

--Kim Saccio-Kent

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