capsule review

Notepad2 4.1.24

If you often need to work with structured text such as HTML or source code, look at Notepad2. It sits comfortably in the Goldilocks zone between "too much" and "too little" functionality. Although it doesn't support tabs, it does have a lot of useful features for working with an opened file, including flexible syntax highlighting, encoding conversion, block formatting (for coders, indent or 'outdent' blocks of code), case conversion, and more. As a standalone .exe of under 700 KB, it is also a good choice to put on a USB drive or small netbook.

At a Glance
  • Line numbering and syntax highlighting are a few of the features that make this notepad replacement especially attractive to programmers.


    • Feels faster than WordPad, despite the extra features
    • Escape key can either minimize or exit program


    • Labeling at developer site makes it a little hard to tell which edition you need
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