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KillProcess not only provides you with far more detail about what exactly is residing in your computer's memory, but it allows you to create a "KillList" of processes that you can then kill in a specific order, or even terminate on sight.

KillProcess also allows you access to protected Windows processes that Task Manager won't let you see. Only power users should attempt to mess with these protected processes, as killing the wrong one and the wrong time could crash your computer or even lead to Windows corruption.

There's a prompt every time you try to kill any process. If you want to turn off the prompts, you have to enable the appropriately named Vicious Mode in the preferences. Vicious Mode and the gunshot sound effect whenever you kill a process are a few of the many humorous touches this utility includes, adding a bit of spice to mundane tasks.

KillProcess is terrific for memory micromanagers and experts who just want to track down what's eating up all of that precious RAM.

Note: This program is completely free, but the developer asks for an optional 10 Euro donation.

--Steve Horton

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder KillProcess

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