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DVD PixPlay Professional

At a Glance
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DVD PixPlay Professional looks exactly like its less-expensive Standard edition, with the same drab interface. Luckily, however, this slide show-creation software also retains the ease of use that the Standard version offers, while also adding some handy features that will make it a worthwhile investment for business users.

Like the Standard version, DVD PixPlay Professional lets you create and share a full-featured slide show in just a few steps. And, also like the Standard version, PixPlay Professional is designed to help you create slide shows that can be burned to a disc for offline sharing on computers or TVs.

What the Professional version adds is the ability to create slide shows from PowerPoint presentations, as well as from CSV and Excel Import files. Doing so is a simple process--though it does require an extra step. PixPlay's menu bar features large icons for adding photos and otherwise editing your slide show, but to add slides from a PowerPoint presentation, you have to dig through the app's menus, instead. You add a PowerPoint presentation as an entire project, not as individual slides, so it's best to finalize your slides before importing them. If you don't, you're not completely out of luck: DVD PixPlay saves each slide as a frame in the resulting slide show and allows you to remove any that you don't want to include. You also can add photos to the slide show.

Once you have created the slide show in DVD PixPlay, you can burn it to a DVD or CD, just as if you were using the Standard version of the app. But the Professional version adds some nice touches, including the ability to output slide shows to prints as big as poster size. The Professional version also allows you to display a company logo during a slide show.

DVD PixPlay Professional does suffer from a bland interface. And the fact that it doesn't support the latest PowerPoint file formats is an annoyance. But if you can overlook those two flaws, business users will appreciate how easy DVD PixPlay makes it to create high-quality slide shows that are easy to share.

Note: This time-limited trial also has feature limitations. It allows only limited design and music options and limits your slide shows to 100 photos. Once you pay for the software, these restrictions are lifted.

Note: This link takes you to the vendor's site, where you can download the software.

--Liane Cassavoy

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At a Glance
  • This business-friendly app lets you create slideshows for work or play.


    • Handy features for business users; creates slide shows quickly


    • Can't add individual PowerPoint slides, drab interface
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